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Creative Story Telling

Creating a compelling video all starts with a story idea. We take special care to create original concepts that meet our client’s goals while using marketing strategy to make sure the concept will fit the current content trends online.

Professional Videography

Anyone can point and shoot a camera but it’s years of experience and an eye for detail that makes our videographers one of a kind. We work hard to offer a high quality images at a reasonable cost.

Slick Post Production

We are post production pros! We work our magic so that your final video is smooth, sleek and easy to watch. This stage crucial because it sets the mood and feeling. Music, rhythm and timing are all factors that can make or break a project.

Video Marketing

Your video looks great but how do you get people to watch it? Don’t worry, we take care of that too! Video marketing starts by developing concepts that promote engagement. Not to mention, we have a few tricks up our sleeves to help ramp up your video’s success and build those views.

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Why video?

100 Million internet users watch online video every day
  • Web & Video are a match made in heaven

    Now more than ever, video content has become an important staple of the internet. Whether it’s snapchats or Hollywood flicks, streaming online videos is an integral part of web. Every year the advancements in technology and design make the online video experience better and better. Major social media apps like Facebook and Instagram which once thrived on the photo experience now feature auto-play for video content making it incredibly easy to disseminate content without even requiring users to touch play.

  • Video packs a punch

    A short video can say more about your brand in 30 seconds than an image or a paragraph of text because it combines multiple communication mediums (visual, audio and language). A great video will express a mood, an atmosphere, an emotion all while the telling us pertinent information about your brand.

  • Video is easy peasy

    Video is effortless for the internet user, they simply sit back and let the message wash over them. The video medium is faster, easier and clearer at conveying a specific message in a given time. There is tons of content online and you only have a few seconds to capture a user’s interest, therefore a video can be highly effect for the mere fact that it is easy. Users can consume more videos than written post or pages meaning that having a video makes it more likely that a new user will engage with your content.

Our Team

Melodie Le Siege
Founder & Producer
Melodie is a passionate content creator specialized in multi-media, video production, video marketing and social media. She is a go getter who never stops thinking about the next big idea. Melodie is a vegetarian blogger, a swing dancing newbie and an avid traveler.
Brandon Calder
Videographer & Concept developer
Brandon combines an artistic eye and priceless YouTube savvy into a stylish product that works for the web. Brandon is a filmmaker, a YouTube sketch artist, a musician, anime dork and so much more.
Adriana Radoi
Production & Marketing Coordinator
Adriana is a multifaceted multitasker who enjoys interacting with clients on the daily. Her impeccable listening skills and keen eye for detail make her an extraordinary asset on any production.

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